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hot Citra Kirana Foto Artis Indonesia

Name: Citra Kirana
Born: Bogor, 23 April 1994
Height / weight: 171 cm/55 kg
Citra Kirana career in the field of entertaint started modeling, before finally following the election of My friends and Cover Girl Models, 2007. Since then, ahe started getting bids casting. One of the leading production house MD Entertainment. Her first soap opera "Janji CInta". There she played with Rafi Ahmad. She has also been a model of a video clip entitled Seventeen "Jalan Terbaik".
Role in the soap opera PUTRI YANG DI TUKAR as Mesya, Citra Kirana be more bitchy, arrogant and has a cool handsome boyfriend, played by Rezky Aditya. Here she also must appear more flirtatious and seductive.

According to the image that is diametrically opposed to his personality. "I originally did not quiet flirt," she said when met at the studio Persari, Thursday (23 / 9) night. The image presented that he actually rarely chatted with Rezky. To unify chemistry with established roles Rezky for good, do it everyday image when filming break. He tried to focus professionally on the job, not to find a girlfriend. "Actually, everyday fit the break, I rarely talked to Rezky. But I'm professional. Here I am working, not just looking for a boyfriend," she explained. Citra hope the opera soap can be watched by many people for ratings will be higher. "Moreover, the time slot right fit, the person is not sleepy," she concluded.